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Why do we need a property stylist?
For most people their home or investment property is their biggest financial asset, therefore nurturing this asset will help gain the best possible financial return.

Whether you are selling your home or an empty property, Property Styling is about presenting the home to appeal to the broadest possible market and ensuring it connects on an emotional level with the buyer.

Carefully thought out styling can help potential buyers envisage themselves living in the property, and therefore want to purchase.

This then gives your real estate agent the opportunity to negotiate the best deal for you, especially if it has appealed to multiple buyers.

How much does it cost?
The cost depends on the property and scale of the project. We price all our properties individually to offer the best value so once we have viewed your property we will be able to supply a fully customised quote.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service for a competitive price. Full property styling starts at $1,950

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Please call us or fill in this form and we will speak with you soon.

What services do you offer for me if I am selling my home?
We offer consultation, full rental or partial styling packages to help elevate your home to appeal to your seller demographic.
What is the difference between full property styling and partial styling?
Full styling is available for vacant. The whole property is furnished and styled to enhance the property and appeal to your seller demographic.

Partial styling is typically offered to owners who will be living in the property while it is for sale. You may have some suitable furniture but can benefit from adding key pieces like artwork, soft furnishings etc, to take the property from ordinary to extraordinary.

Please note the hours required to style and install partial styling jobs is similar to full styling packages therefore while there are savings and you can live in the home while selling, the pricing will not change in proportion to the furniture included.

What locations do you style properties in?
We are unique in that we are able to style jobs in Melbourne and the corridor to La Trobe Valley.
How do I get started?

Get in touch with us by calling Donna on 0420 815 900 or Wendy on 0408 02 03 04, or use our ‘contact us form’.

We want to understand who your target market is so we will have a chat and then we will  make an appointment to visit your property. This helps us get a feel of what is needed and we can then provide a customised quote.

We select the furniture and styling pieces from our stock that will best work with the style and feel that is needed to appeal to your selling demographic.

If you require partial styling we will discuss layout and any decluttering that may be required, and we will then put together a package with key pieces to hire.

How long is the hire period?
Our auction contracts run for 6 weeks. We charge for 4 weeks and offer 2 weeks free. This allows for a 4 week sales campaign with a week either side for photography / marketing at the start and contract exchange at the end. If you are running an extended campaign we will quote to suit.

If you are selling in the country or not running an auction campaign, we can quote on what time period suits you best, with 4 weeks + 2 weeks free being our minimum.

Can we extend our hire?
Yes definitely. We offer weekly extension rates upon request.
How much notice do you need?
We can typically react quite quickly but to be safe please allow 2 – 3 weeks prior to the sales campaign commencing.
Can I select pieces for my property?

We will choose the furniture and furnishings we believe are best suited to present your home to your target market and to reach the best possible selling price. We therefore don’t offer the service of choosing your own pieces when booking our full or partial styling packages.

If you only want to hire a few specific items, we do offer a DIY service so please drop us an email and we can advise if we have specific items in stock that may meet your needs.

Can we swap items we do not like?
Unfortunately, no, Partners in Design Property Stylists are experienced interior stylists. We are confident that the pieces we select for your property will provide the best result
Can I ask for a refund if the property sells early, or is removed from the market?
Our aim is to have your property sold as quickly as possible, therefore if it does sell early we like to think we’ve assisted with this. When we style a home for sale we invest a lot of time choosing items, packing, travelling, installing and styling the property therefore we are unable to offer a refund.
Are you insured?
Yes, all our furniture & furnishings are fully insured and we are covered for public liability.
What are your payment terms?
We require full payment upfront. We will send you an invoice and service agreement as soon as we receive your acceptance of our quote.
What type of payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment directly into our bank account.
Can I, or my buyer, purchase the furniture?
Yes. If you or your buyer would like to buy our furniture package we can provide you with a price
Do you style homes that are not for sale?
Yes, we have a broad background and offer interior styling for short stay accommodation, motels / hotels, your home and also beach homes. Please contact us if you would like a consultation.

Sound like a good fit?

Do you still have some questions? Learn more about our styling services and our process. We’d love to work with you.

Sound like a good fit?

Do you still have some questions? Learn more about our styling services and our process. We’d love to work with you.

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Providing interior styling & rentals across Melbourne and Gippsland

Providing interior styling & rentals across Melbourne and Gippsland